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06 Sep

I think I am in the mood to write right now. How is life so far? Like always, some sucks, some great. What’s sucks? We (me and my colleagues) failed, again, to get grant to do our research and community development. After months of waiting and keep visiting that site, finally there were the announcement. And our name wasn’t in the list. Yah, got to do better next time.

What’s good? My paper is accepted in an international journal. Just an ordinary journal though, its impact factor is just 0.242. But it feels great. This is the first time for me to get my paper published in an international journal. All praises to Allah. All praises to Allah.

what else can i tell you, my dear blog? Oh ya, last week I attended a training for junior lecturers about all stuff related to teaching like teaching skills, ethics, how to make lecture planning, etc. It was really an eye opening. I know now how urgent it is to have an intensive preparation before standing in front of the class. The trainer said, she needs 10 hours of preparation for 1 hour teaching when she was a junior lecturer. It took 10 years bloody hell journey before she became great lecturer like she is right now. It made me reflecting. How many hours did I spend to prepare for a course last semester? Umm.. well yeah.. not that much, i think. But i promise to spend more time to prepare for a class.

I think about the training will be posted in separate post. Maybe next time, got to back to preparation for tomorrow class.

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